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Lucky Baby Tea Co.

Brand for Lucky Baby Tea Co., a startup that hosts gongfu cha at local events via bicycle cart. The mark is inspired by ancient Chinese bai wen seals. Lucky Baby illustration by Mark Galloway.
"Lucky Baby Tea Co. provides the art of Chinese tea ceremony (gongfu cha) to events and gatherings in Kansas City. The slow pace and casual grace of gongfu cha encourages attendees to build community in an environment where nothing is required of them except presence.

The things we see around the tea table are the same things that are nurturing the forward motion in Kansas City culture: things like a diversely interconnected arts scene, a return to the mindful appreciation of craft food and beverages, and plain old neighborliness.

We’ve been inspired by this movement to expand our own reach and flexibility. We want to do that with a bicycle. Thus gestates the Lucky Baby Tea Cart, a mobile tea table which attaches to a bicycle, allowing tea pourers to create pop-up community spaces and to share the hospitality of tea ceremony as far as we can pedal. Which is pretty far."

— Jude Shattuck, Owner

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