Bryan Knotts


Coffee Professional

Hello, I am coffee professional with more than eleven years as a barista, a mentor, and an educator. Feel free to contact me if you would like to work together.

Work Experience

I have an extensive background in nearly every aspect of cafe operation. My work experience includes high-level barista positions with several major companies each recognized for outstanding product quality, integrity, direct trade relationships, and exceptional service.

While employed with Comet Coffee, a multi-roaster and microbakery, my primary focus was the quality control of a weekly rotation of eight coffees from different roasting companies and origins. At Kaldi's I was responsible for managing the shift, bookkeeping, ordering new product, and mentoring the team. Daily at Intelligentsia I would cup multiple coffees and dial-in each across a wide variety of brewers. Palate development, skilled consistency, and an understanding of extraction were absolutely essential to my role. At Parisi, I was chosen to assist in opening the flagship and to design marketing collateral for colleagues. At Starbucks I was responsible for training a new staff of nine baristas over the course of three months.

My greatest achievement overall has been developing lasting relationships with guests and coffee professionals through memorable hospitality, continual education, and community involvement.




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